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Life is hard af, sharing it shouldn’t be

Everyone has a story about tribulation and triumph — what’s yours?

This narrative-focused podcast will highlight the stories of ordinary people overcoming extraordinary tragedies, traumas and suffering. We’ll talk with those who not only trounced the odds and conquered seemingly insurmountable challenges, but learned from them and figured out how to thrive rather than just survive.


By sharing their experiences, we’ll chip away at the stigma, shame and embarrassment rooted with keeping certain stories secret — and show how pain can be turned into power.

We’ll tackle the heaviest topics — addiction, mental health, poverty, violence, terminal/chronic illness, homelessness, death, sexual and physical abuse. We believe sharing experiences like these — when survivors are ready and willing, of course — is extremely powerful and important. We feel it gives a voice to the voiceless.

Words Have Power

Surprise Gifts!?

We are storytellers, journalists and professionals with a deep compassion for the challenges people go through in life — and we’ve overcome some ourselves. We understand the sensitivities around experiencing such traumas and tragedies, but also know overcoming them can yield some pretty unexpected gifts.

Surprise!? Gifts

Crying is so 2020

Make no mistake about it, these are serious topics, but we’ll approach them with humor and lightheartedness — because crying is so 2020.

Offerkofta. What?

In fact, there’s a Swedish word — offerkofta, which means victim cardigan. That’s not our dress code — so check your offerkofta at the door, please. The idea isn’t to elevate victimhood but to help listeners to feel emboldened and inspired by these stories.

Camille Tuutti

Creator and Co-host
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Sharon Tiger

Co-host, Creative Director and Chief of Chatter
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Amanda Ziadeh

Co-host and Storyteller-in-Chief
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Lisa Abeyta

Director of Miscellany and Guest Wrangler
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We look forward to taking you on this storytelling journey beginning in March!

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